Jasmine Perez was named the MVP of the Shaun Hill Parsons Vikings Youth Football Camp as the three-day camp wrapped up Friday morning with an awards ceremony.

Inspired by Taylor Stice of Parsons a few years ago, the MVP award is given not necessarily to the most athletic camper but to the one who displays the best attitude, effort and respect for coaches and other campers.

Eli Montee won the MVP award for first- and second-graders.

Perez and Montee received plaques for their honors. Second- through fifth-place MVP award winners received certificates and medals.

Camp organizers also gave awards for the top placers in the obstacle course challenge, which incorporated many of the things the campers learned during drills. The course included sprints, side stepping, backpedaling and breaking a two-man tackle among other skills. The top finishers in each grade earned a plaque, with medals going to second and third and certificates to fourth and fifth. Everyone who competed in the challenge but didn’t place in the top five received certificates for honorable mention.

The top three placers in the Viking Power Challenge received medals and certificates, while the fourth- and fifth-place finishers received certificates. The Viking Power Challenge required competitors to flip a tackling dummy end over end to a specified distance while in a football stance and sprinting back while carrying the dummy.

The MVP award winners included:

First — Jasmine Perez

Second — Tanner Barcus

Third — Draven James

Fourth — Tryton Chandler

Fifth — Aidan Wheat

First- and second-grade MVP winners were:

First — Eli Montee

Second — Trayton Hill

Third — Lucas Fugate

Obstacle course challenge placers were:

First grade

First — Jager Quirin

Second — Keyondre Betts

Third — Elijah Kelley

Fourth — Blake Robison

Fifth — Cole Graninger

Second grade

First — Joe Heal

Second — Conner Barcus

Third — Mason Morris

Fourth — Damais Johnson

Fifth — Kyle Habiger

Third grade

First — Landon Wheat

Second — Spencer Krause

Third — Teyton Chandler

Fourth — Dexter Merrell

Fifth — Kaden Blake

Fourth grade

First — Blake Miorandi

Second — Brayden Myers-Habiger

Third — Kade Curnutte

Fourth — Henry Keal

Fifth — Tace James

Fifth grade

First — Zane Baker

Second — Tryton Chandler

Third — Baylro Nash

Fourth — Jasmine Perez

Fifth — Dakota Pousher

Sixth grade

First — Tanner Barcus

Second — Zach Davis

Third — Chase Evans

Fourth — Kolby Kmiec

Fifth — Malachi Gatewood

Seventh grade

First — Zion Natt

Second — Reece Jacobs

Third — Nicolas Moreno

Fourth — Anthony Pousher

Fifth — Jevon Perez

Eighth grade

First — Logan Krause

Second — Davonte’ Yates

Third — Anthony Lee

Fourth — Ian Shelite

Fifth — Chance Smith

Viking Power Challenge placers were:

First grade

First — Chandler Miller

Second — Sean O’Banion

Third — Elijah Kelley

Fourth — Cole Graninger

Fifth — Keyondre Betts

Second grade

First — Kaden Berry

Second — Conner Barcus

Third — Mason Morris

Fourth — Kyle Habiger

Fifth — Kaden Blackledge

Third grade

First — Dexter Merrell

Second — Teyton Chandler

Third — Tanner Perez

Fourth — Tate Phillips

Fifth — Case Lee

Fourth grade

First — Jase Mavers

Second — Chase Sanborn

Third — Landin Midgett

Fourth — Braden Hentzen

Fifth — Brayden Myers-Habiger

Fifth grade

First — Dakota Pousher

Second — Ashon Reece

Third — Baylor Nash

Fourth — Connor Kealiher

Fifth — Connor Baughman

Sixth grade

First — Tanner Barcus

Second — Kolby Kmiec

Third — Chase Evans

Fourth — Zach Davis

Fifth — Ethan Houk

Seventh grade

First — Anthony Pousher

Second — Zion Nutt

Third — Draven James

Fourth — Nicolas Moreno

Fifth — Wyatt Usry

Eighth grade

First — Davonte’ Yates

Second — Anthony Lee

Third — Zach McCarty

Fourth — Keaton Lieffring

Fifth — Logan Krause

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