John Daley competition

Parsons High School tennis player Amanda Rogers returns a volley to Kelsey Jump during a semi-final match in the girls 16-18 singles competition.

The 18 and under singles and doubles competitions took place Friday at the Forest Park tennis courts for the John Daley Tennis Tournament.

Jane Posch, Parsons High School tennis coach and tournament organizer, was pleased with the turnout Friday.

“It’s a great turnout. This is the best turnout we’ve had in several years,” she said.

Mixed doubles were playing Friday night and the adult competition begins this morning on the courts, with former PHS standouts expected to play.

Singles winners Friday were: Bree Rogers (16-18 girls); Amanda Rogers (13-15 girls); Brett Rogers (12 and under boys); Kyle Hutley (13-15 boys); and Rudra Dixit (16-18 boys).

Doubles winners Friday were: Kelsey Jump/Bree Rogers (girls 18 and under); and Ross Benavides/Rudra Dixit (18 and under boys).


12 and under boys:

Brett Rogers defeated Cody Mills.

13-15 boys:

Kyle Hutley, bye; Dalton Rodie defeated Jaqwuan Williams 8-4; Kaden Hammer defeated Hunter Metcalf 8-2; Hammer defeated Rodie 8-7 (5); Hutley defeated Hammer 8-2 in championship. Metcalf defeated Williams 8-6 for third.

16-18 boys:

Caleb Mathes bye; Dequwan Wells defeated Kyle Hutley 8-5; Rudra Dixit defeated Rand Hurley 8-1; Dylan Waugh defeated David Hascue 8-0; Ross Benavides defeated Jett Cooper 8-2; Mathes defeated Hutley 8-3; Dixit defeated Wells 8-1; Waugh bye; Ross bye; Dixit defeated Mathes 8-4; Benavides defeated Waugh 8-4; Dixit defeated Benavides 8-1 in championship. Third place rounds: Hascue defeated Cooper 8-3; Waugh defeated Wells 8-4; Mathes defeated Hascue 8-2; Mathes defeated Waugh 8-5 for third place.

13-15 girls:

Mithila Dixit defeated Kelsey Smith 6-4; Amanda Rogers bye; Rogers defeated Dixit 6-1.

16-18 girls:

Bree Rogers, Kelsey Smith, Kelsey Jump byes; Amanda Rogers defeated Jessica Farris 8-6; Bree Rogers defeated Smith 8-0; Jump defeated Amanda Rogers 8-3; Bree Rogers defeated Jump 8-5 for championship.


Girls 18 and under:

Amanda Rogers/Bryleigh Beardmore defeated Jessica Farris/Sami Ford 8-7 (10-12); Kelsey Jump/Bree Rogers bye; Bree Rogers/Jump defeated Amanda Rogers/Bryleigh Beardmore 8-6 for championship.

Boys 18 and under:

Ross Benavides/Rudra Dixit bye; Jett Cooper/Kyle Hutley defeated David Hascue/Brett Rogers; Caleb Mathes/Dylan Waugh bye; Kaden Hammer/Dalton Rodie defeated Jaqwuan Williams/Hunter Metcalf 8-5; Bree Rogers/Kelsey Jump defeated Cooper/Hutley 8-6; Benavides/Dixit defeated Rogers/Jump by walkover; Mathes/Waugh defeated Hammer/Rodie 8-0; Benavides/Dixit defeated Mathes/Waugh 8-5 for championship.

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