EMPORIA — Parsons High School’s swim team competed at Emporia Thursday.

The Lady Vikings placed well, but didn’t earn the top times on the night.

“We have really trained hard this week,” Coach Robin Rea said. “State is less than a month away and we only have a short time before we need to begin a taper.”

The girls and their finishes:

Sydney Markley — Fifth in the 50 freestyle and fifth in the 100 freestyle.

Shannon Dunlay  — Sixth in the 50 freestyle and eighth in the 100 freestyle.

Victoria Port — Seventh in the 50 freestyle and 13th in the 100 backstroke.

Emily Falke — Sixteenth in the 100 freestyle.

Aubrey Hicks — Fifteenth in the 100 backstroke.

Amanda Rogers — Thirteenth in the 100 breaststroke.

Other events:

200 yard medley relay — Finished 15th (Victoria, Amanda, Bridgette Gilmore, Amber Jarman).

200 yard free relay A  — Finished eighth (Sydney, Emily, Aubrey, Sydney).

200 yard free relay B — Finished 16th (Bridgette, Amber, Amanda, Korenne Veenstra).

400 yard free relay — Finished sixth ( Sydney, Shannon, Victoria, Emily).

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