COLUMBUS — Make it two wins in a row for the Parsons Vikings soccer program as they routed the Columbus Titans 10-1 on Thursday.

“Our control and passes were really pristine,” Reid said. “Our midfielders clogged up the midfield and allowed the ball to go outside. That allowed us to counter really well. We were aggressive again. That’s becoming a foundation for us.” 

Frantisek Pavlovsky and Paxton Swanson both led Parsons with four goals apiece.

Pavlosky had four goals in the match against Riverton as well.

“He’s just well versed in the game,” Reid said. “Soccer is so much more for him than sports are for a lot of kids here. He’s been brought up in a system that’s very well. He took on a different role. After his last goal, he decided to lay the ball up. He gave other scoring opportunities for everybody.” 

Swanson, a junior, saw major evolution in the match. 

“He definitely took on a leadership role more than we’ve seen from him,” Reid said. “He got the ball to the corners, had some good give-and-gos and punished them a couple of times. His eyes were up and that was the next step.” 

Brayden Casper and Ethan Wheat each added a goal apiece for the Vikings.

With the win, Parsons is now 2-3 in its inaugural season. The Vikings face College Heights on Monday at home. 

“I don’t want to get ahead of myself,” Reid said. “I tell the kids that. We have to appreciate every time we get a competition. As far as looking down the road, our vision is still close to our nose. We’re trying to do small things correctly. There’s tougher competition, so we’re doing the small things with an aggravated pace.” 

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