CHERRYVALE — A former four-sport standout from Cherryvale is about to make his presence known to a national audience on Netflix.

Chance Main, a 2017 graduate of Cherryvale and the winner of the 2016-17 Parsons Sun Boys Athlete of the Year award, will be one of the players profiled on the Netflix documentary series “Last Chance U,” which debuts its fourth season chronicling Independence Community College on Friday.

“I knew they were wanting to feature me because I was the only local kid that was playing,” Main said. “They thought it was interesting. Plus I had an interesting storyline with my dad playing at Independence for two years.”

Over the course of the previous three seasons in the series, the filmmakers have profiled players with particularly moving backstories in addition to following the entire team during the season.

Main, who was a sophomore at Independence in the fall of 2018, was one of the players the show chose to profile.

“Even if it wasn’t me, I’d look at someone like me and think that it’s awesome,” Main said. “I’ve always wanted to play sports beyond high school, so I pushed and made it happen. Some kids may look up and think that’s cool. It’s great to be from Cherryvale and show that it’s possible. It doesn’t matter how small a town you come from as long as you put the effort forth and make it happen.” 

During his tenure at Cherryvale, Main was a standout in football, basketball, wrestling and track. In his senior season, he won the KSHSAA 3A state title in the triple jump.

“To be a state champion in track, wrestle and play basketball in the same year, people don’t comprehend how hard that is to do,” Cherryvale head football coach Harry Hester said. “He was so tough mentally. He had that fortitude his junior and senior year. Nobody was going to outwork him. He was a different breed of kid. When the mental stuff kicked in, it was fun to watch him dominate.” 

When the “Last Chance U” crew started profiling Main, he said he felt the constant presence of cameras intrusive at first, but he acclimated to it over time.

“It’s a little bit annoying at first,” Main said. “You’re constantly thinking about what they’ll put on there. You’re worried about what you say and how you look to other people. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter too much. It was a fun experience and the crew was awesome. The guys that were doing the filming were super friendly and very understanding. That made it a lot easier with the cameras around.” 

Main appeared in seven games for Independence in his sophomore campaign, notching 10 tackles and 1.5 sacks. His best game came against Highland, where he had six tackles and a sack. 

“I’m so proud of Chance,” Hester said. “I know the amount of work he put in to get that. To watch him really click in the weight room his junior year in high school that allowed him to blow up. I know the extra work he puts in when people aren’t watching. When you go play at that level, it’s a grind. For him to fight through that and get the opportunity, it shows that our kids here at Cherryvale can accomplish that.” 

The former Charger superstar said he’s already seen the fourth season of “Last Chance U” and that he was pleased with how he was presented in the show.

“I’m a goofy dude and I do my own thing,” Main said. “I have my opinions about certain things and I am who I am. I felt like the storyline they used was really good. They didn’t do anything too crazy. What you see is what really happened. It’s a great show and I’m not ashamed of anything they put on it.” 

Main has since committed to and joined the University of the Incarnate Word football program in San Antonio, Texas, a Division I school.

“I got a feel for the gameplay and the physical level of college football last year,” Main said. “This year, I’m ready to go 100%. I’m ready to really work hard. I chose UIW because of the coaching staff. I love them all here. I’ve learned so much in the spring, so I’m ready to put down what I’ve learned on the field and show some people what’s up.” 

For now, audiences around the country can tune into “Last Chance U” and get to know the endeavors of a former Cherryvale Charger. 

“He’s a great kid that comes from a great family,” Hester said. “He’s a funny kid, too. He really is. Hopefully they treat him well on the show. Some of the in-state schools that missed out on giving him a scholarship will hopefully realize what they missed. He’s a good local kid that did well at the junior college level. Hopefully that’s what shows on the Netflix cameras.” 

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