ALTAMONT — Penalties plagued the Labette County Grizzlies and Winfield Vikings Friday night: The teams combining for 23.
In the end, Winfield defeated Labette County 27-7. 
“We made a few mistakes,” Labette County head coach Sean Price said to his team after the game. “Guys, we do make mistakes. It’s how you bounce back; life is about mistakes. It’s how you bounce back, understand?” 
The penalties cost the Grizzlies 80 yards while Winfield lost 85.
Price encouraged his team to keep their heads up after the game. 
“It is life,” Price told the Sun. “Things don’t go exactly how you plan all the time. We had a turnover or two. We forced a couple turnovers in the first half. Defense played great.”
In the first quarter, Labette County junior Griffin Eaton scored his team’s only touchdown, pulling in a pass from sophomore quarterback Kendall Holtzman. Holtzman passed for 97 yards, the touchdown and three interceptions. 
Winfield had 394 yards of offense while Labette County had 170. 
“It just didn’t happen for us tonight, but we’re going to keep battling,” Price said. 
Winfield’s offense, in addition to bringing in three touchdowns, scored a safety and a field goal against the home team. Winfield senior running back Ar’mon Acosta lit up the field with the three touchdowns for the Vikings. 
“That’s the best running back we’ve seen in a long time,” Price said. “We just have to hit guys like that lower. He’s too big.” 
The Viking offense accumulated 263 rushing yards against the Grizzlies. 
When the Vikings scored their final touchdown of the night, a Winfield player was offside, but the referees did not call the touchdown back. 
“But the guy’s offside and the official tells me, ‘Hey, that’s my bad.’ Then do something about it,” Price said. “That should have never been a touchdown, but you know what, that’s part of it. Our kids rallied. We played hard. I’m proud of them.” 
Winfield made a two-point conversion following its last touchdown. 
The Grizzlies had 10 first downs while the Vikings had 13. 
In the next week, Price said his team will work on fundamentals like tackling and blocking. 
“We didn’t tackle real well,” he said. 
The Grizzlies drop to 0-2. 
“You just gotta fight through adversity,” Price said. 
Labette County High School will travel to El Dorado next Friday.

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