The 2019 All-Three Rivers League fall sports honors have been released, with league champions St. Paul and Oswego in football and Chetopa in volleyball leading the way in total honors.

St. Paul’s football team, which finished the season 10-1 overall, went undefeated in the regular season and reached the 8-Man II quarterfinals for the fourth straight year, had 14 total honors on the all-league selections. 

Adam Albertini, widely regarded as one of the best athletes in the state, got three First Team selections as a quarterback, returner and defensive back. Easton Dent earned two First Team honors as a running back and linebacker for St. Paul.

Oswego, which shared a league title with St. Paul although the two teams never met in the regular season, earned 13 total selections onto the all-league team.

Oswego football finished the year 6-3 overall and narrowly missed out on a playoff berth in the 8-Man I division. Jace Wilson was a two-time all-league First Team selection as a running back and defensive back.

As for Chetopa volleyball, which won its second league title in three seasons, earned the school’s first-ever berth to the state tournament and finished with a 37-8 overall record, six of the team’s eight players on roster earned all-league nods. Samantha Blundell, Brali Conard and Torrie Albertson got First Team selections. MacKaylie Moore and Andie Johnson were Second Team honorees while Tayler Beard earned honorable mention.





First Team

Rachel Fox, Northeast

Bailey Griffith, Marmaton Valley

Emily Hutcherson, St. Paul

Taylor Jacobs, Yates Center

Shanler McNickle, Oswego

Maya Espeseth, Oswego

Katie Bitner, Southeast

Samantha Blundell, Chetopa

Brali Conard, Chetopa

Torrie Albertson, Chetopa


Second Team

Riley Beckmon, Crest

Maleah Poole, Pleasanton

Danielle Howard, Uniontown

Savannah McAnulty, Uniontown

Jenna Holt, Jayhawk-Linn

Katie Coomes, St. Paul

Jordan Jamison, Southeast

MacKaylie Moore, Chetopa

Andie Johnson, Chetopa


Honorable Mention

Aubree Holloran, Crest

Emma Sabine, Pleasanton

Jyllian Carpenter, Pleasanton

Megan Gillespie, Pleasanton

Kylee Yarnell, Northeast

Haley Claffey, Northeast

Kayla Ard, Marmaton Valley

Aly Ard, Marmaton Valley

Aiden Holt, Uniontown

Bri Strokes, Uniontown

Emile Nation, Jayhawk-Linn

Claire Bradshaw, St. Paul

Madelynn Collins, Yates Center

Morgan Collins, Yates Center

Stephanie Righini, Yates Center

Madison Stephens, Oswego

Abby Long, Oswego

Katlin Rhodenbaugh, Oswego

Allie Vail, Oswego

Railey Robertson, Southeast

Anna Thompson, Southeast

Sara Schirinzi, Southeast

Tayler Beard, Chetopa




First Team

QB, Adam Albertini, St. Paul

TE, Chase Bradshaw, St. Paul

TE, Lance Teal, Oswego

WR, Tyson Hermreck, Crest

RB, Easton Dent, St. Paul

RB, Jace Wilson, Oswego

RB, Stratton McGhee, Crest

C, Chris Goddard, Oswego

G, Wilson Smith, St. Paul

G, Mayson Mills, Oswego

K, Ivan Murrillo, St. Paul

RET, Adam Albertini, St. Paul

P, Wyatt Vanatta, Chetopa

LB, Easton Dent, St. Paul

LB, Will Lowder, Marmaton Valley

LB, Zach Beckmon, Crest

DL, Wilson Smith, St. Paul

DL, Mayson Mills, Oswego

DL, Trevor Kennington, Crest

DL, Bo Kanvel, Marmaton Valley

DB, Adam Albertini, St. Paul

DB, Jace Wilson, Oswego

DB, Stratton McGhee, Crest


Honorable Mention

QB, Jacquez Coleman, Crest

TE, Ivan Murrillo, St. Paul

TE, Colin Dudley, Marmaton Valley

WR, Chandler Bradshaw, St. Paul

RB, Zack Beckmon, Crest

RB, Quincy Adams, Marmaton Valley

RB, Wes Lowder, Marmaton Valley

C, Ethan Stoneking, St. Paul

C, Corven Walker, Chetopa

G, Greg Hardwick, Crest

K, Chris Goddard, Oswego

RET, Jace Wilson, Oswego

P, Isaac Elliott, Oswego

LB, Chase Bradshaw, St. Paul

LB, Ethan Sinclair, Oswego

LB, Isaac Elliott, Oswego

DL, Chris Goddard, Oswego

DB, Chandler Bradshaw, St. Paul

DB, Lance Teal, Oswego

DB, Josh Meigs, Altoona-Midway

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