ALTAMONT — The 2019 cross country season’s first race took place at Labette County last Thursday.

In the team standings, Girard won the boys meet with a low score of 35 points, while St. Mary’s Colgan won the girls meet with 45 points.

For Labette County, its boys finished in fifth place with 126 points. Alex Meister finished in third (16:57), Chase Carnahan finished 30th (20:06), Joseph Jameson finished 32nd (20:16), Blake Cashman took 36th (20:39), Austin Oruada took 47th (22:10), Devin Webb 48th (22:11) and Langston Moore 57th (23:52). 

The Grizzlies’ girls, which didn’t place as a team, Gracie Gatton finished seventh (22:39) while Jasmine Perez finished 19th (24:42).

The Parsons Vikings’ boys, which didn’t score team points, saw Brett Baldwin finish ninth (17:51), Pierce Thomas 60th (26:10), Trevor Strathe 61st (26:17) and Mason Peak 63rd (27:55).

As for the Parsons’ girls, which also didn’t score as a team, Hollie Marlow finished 17th (24:06), Megan Baldwin 34th (28:14) and Alyssa Gharmalker 38th (31:58). 

“Parsons started the season strong and we are developing a large team,” Parsons head coach Caleb Reid said. “We are young so have some areas of the sport to work on. For the first meet and introduction to competition, I fee like we did well as young team. The heat was what made that race day tough.

“Overall, the team got its trial by fire in the heat in Altamont and we are ready for Girard and the second week. I’m confident we have strong runners that will produce results all season and the new runners will slice times as we go.”

Other local finishers in the boys’ race included Oswego’s Trayton Walker at 12th (18:36) and Erie’s Trevor Yarnell (21:22). 

Oswego’s Jenna Frisbie finished 12th (23:17) in the girls’ race. 

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