Wake up, Kansans.

Our Legislature is making our state the laughing stock of the nation again, but do we care enough to make a change? Probably not.

Look at the news coming out of Topeka any day of the week while the Legislature is in session and you’ll shake your head in disgust or dismay.

Lawmakers want to impeach Kansas Supreme Court justices who have the audacity to do their job in interpreting law in matters of school funding.

Crawford County Sen. Jacob LaTurner thinks he knows better than the people you elect in city and county governments on local budget matters. His law caps spending in budgets for cities and counties, as early as  next year, because local boards can’t possibly be trusted to do it themselves. Maybe this is a good thing in some countries, but most of our states believe in local control.

LaTurner has other odd ideas about government, but he’s not the only one.

The Legislature also is gutting a law that opened probable cause affidavits in 2014. Kansas was the last state to open these records; now lawmakers want to make it more difficult for the public to access them by giving judges more reasons to withhold the information.

Gov. Sam Brownback and his dwindling band of supporters continue to say our state budget disaster is not related to 2012 tax cuts, though revenue coming into the state is still less than needed, or expected for that matter.

This is an election year. This is your chance to do something about the craziness in Topeka.

Vote to replace every legislator if you wish. Sen. Jeff King faces opposition in the District 15 race. So does Sen. LaTurner in District 13.

Hopefully, Sen. Mitch Holmes of St. John will be removed after his idiotic idea to enforce a dress code on women who testify in the Legislature. How many times have you seen this theme replayed on YouTube and late-night television?

So if you don’t like what’s going on in Topeka, and few people do, let your voice be heard and vote on Nov. 8. Vote to return sanity to the Legislature. We’re stuck with Gov. Brownback for a bit longer, but at least we have a chance to replace the worst offenders in the House and Senate so the remaining adults can get down to the business of actually helping Kansas move into the future.

We need fiscal responsibility and common sense. Lawmakers now think that means stealing $1 billion from road improvements to help balance the budget.

To vote, you first must be registered. Today, make sure you do that. Register to vote at the county clerk’s offices in Oswego or Erie or Independence or Girard or Columbus.

Then get to know the candidates and make your best choice at the ballot box. If good candidates don’t exist for our local offices, run yourself, or find someone who will.

But make sure you vote. Our state’s future depends on it.

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