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Legislators propose yet another raid on the “Bank of KDOT,” planning to sweep around $200 million from the transportation fund again next year.

It looks like state Sen. Jacob LaTurner is reaping the rewards for supporting Gov. Sam Brownback’s policies.

Kudos to the good folks behind the Parsons Gun Club’s progress toward what will be a public shooting range on 25000 Road west of 32nd Street (see story on Page 1 in today’s Sun).

Baseball and softball teams don’t work without coaches.

The Parsons City Commission should quit fiddling around with discussion on broadcasting its meetings on the local cable channel, or the Internet or anywhere else.

The beginning of a new year is always a good time for reflection. As I reflected on my early years about plans for attending college, I didn’t have any. I had a supportive family that wanted nothing but the best for me, more than they had.

This week your government is considering legislation designed to make it more difficult for you to find out what they are doing with your tax dollars.

The Garden City Telegram

In the past, many people stayed at one job, or at least one company, for almost their entire working lives. When they retired, they could typically count on a pension, the value of which was based on their years of service and earnings. But today, workers can expect to hold several different…

What would be a good way to die? As if there is a good way. I just hope it’s sudden and not drawn out. In my case, the toxicology report could very well reveal death by an abundance of fried cakes. Findings could also affirm that battery I swallowed when I was three, which was conclusive pro…

It’s always been about escapisms. For me, for Orville Wright, for inmates, for those making trips to the porcelain throne for an hour with a newspaper, or for anyone vanishing for some quiet time in the closet with a bottle of Bordeaux, the help hotline phone number and a grenade in case the…

Dear Reno: My college-bound daughter has decided to go vegetarian. Will this meet her nutrition needs? Thank you. — R.D.

Recently I read: "Life is what is happening while you are making other plans." That's so true.

Big Brothers Big Sisters raises $24,788.41

Dog tethering law is a bad idea

City wasting a lot of money

Dear Reno: What are carbohydrates and are some of these more healthy than others? Thank you. – R.K.

A good place to live

If you have heard me speak in public, I typically visit about Labette Community College's outstanding faculty and staff, student achievements on the court, field or mat and in the classroom, and recently about the construction of our new health science building. I generally end with a statem…

Creative minds at PRC

Dear Reno: Is there a connection between diet and sleep. If yes, what is it? Thank you. — B.J.

Legislative action from 2012 is trickling down to tickle citizens from slumber again. Citizen access to public documents may be impacted.

Money is a part of our daily life. What we wear, what we eat, where we live and the fun things we do are only a few money related decisions we make, says Mary Lou Odle, a county Extension agent.

Don't support judge change

Ladies, mark your calendars. The annual Labette Women in Agriculture Conference has been scheduled for Tuesday, March 5, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the First Baptist Church in Altamont. The day will open with state Rep. Richard Proehl and other programs will share information about farm busine…

Patient thankful for orthopedic, hospital care

A major portion of the losses in a cow-calf herd occur at calving. Supervision of first calf heifers and cows that need assistance is a proven method to increase calf survival.

The rule of law is about process. Lawyers work within the judicial process on a daily basis. We understand that a fair and even-handed process promotes a fair and even-handed result, typically the correct result.

There are far too many tragedies across our country that involve a person struggling with a mental illness who did not receive adequate treatment and support. Tragedies such as the events at Virginia Tech, Aurora, Colo., Chardon High School in Ohio and the most recent example in Newtown, Con…

At Labette Community College, when we speak of seasons, we are usually talking about the most current sport that is practicing and hosting games. Well, this season is also a season of giving thanks and reflection.

Red Cross blood drive set

Don't change judge selection method