Don't support judge change

To The Sun:

I am totally opposed to changing the process of appointing judges.

The success of our political system rests on three separate branches. Gov. Sam Brownback and his monied friends obviously have control of two of the branches. To make sure his extreme conservative plans, once passed, remain lawful he needs to control the courts, plain as that!

Unfortunately, our senator, Jeff King, supports changing the process.

For the long-term health and welfare of all citizens in Kansas, I encourage everyone to contact Sen. King and tell him you oppose changing how judges are appointed. Call his Topeka office at (785) 296-7361 or email — ROBERT E. BRANDENBURG, Parsons

Forest Park plans troubling

To The Sun:

I want to voice my concern about the city of Parsons' plans to continue the walking trail on Heacock Avenue into several walking trails into Forest Park. This plan will help the city get money to improve drainage issues in and around the park.

True, for years this drainage has been a problem, and the expensive trail has been a "hot tomato" with most of the citizens. But I am bothered by what they are going to create if they don't think this through. The trails will somehow meander through the park and connect the Arvon Phillips Community Center and pool to a 10-foot wide sidewalk on 13th, and somehow split off to connect to Garfield Grade and Labette Community College. 

I worry that we are creating a "concrete  plaza."  I spoke with City Manager Fred Gress, who told me 10-foot-wide trails are mandatory to receive the money. And a new restroom cannot be included. If these trails are kept in the south end, it seems all should go well.

The historic iron gate at  the end of Corning must not  and need not come down by using it as a trail exit.  And trees must be spared. Few are left.               

Who is planning this? Our park is an integral part of this city,  bringing in hundreds of people for special events-tennis and softball tournaments, Katy Days, musical programs, car show, Relay For Life, family and class reunions.

A professional is also mandatory. With all that, we need a few calm, grassy areas where we can sit quietly and listen to the birds or watch the squirrels. — DONNA SEELEY, Parsons

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