To The Sun:

During this past week, we as Americans witnessed once again America's heroes at their finest.

But America has a habit of producing heroes. All of the veterans in all of our wars, conflicts and encounters, where the best are called upon, can always be counted on to step forward and answer the call.

Our police, and all law enforcement personnel, put their lives on the line every shift they work. Many times they answer four, five and six calls an hour. Every one of these calls could have a life-threatening potential.

Our fire departments face fires like the one in West, Texas, and all of their calls carry danger. We cannot imagine these dangers unless we wear their boots.

Our ambulance personnel answer the calls, too, and without them many of us would not make it to the hospital. At the hospital, the finest medical doctors with many years of schooling and training save many lives every year.

When we have the need to look for a hero, just look at the veterans, police, fire, ambulance and medical people and say thank you. Because without them, America would be in trouble. God bless America and our heroes. — NEAL WILKERSON, Parsons

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