Creative minds at PRC

To The Sun:

What's good about Parsons? Creative people like those at Parsons Recreation Commission who planned a different approach, the Father-Daughter Valentine's Day Dance.

Maybe someone remembered the Girl Scout Dad-Daughter Date Night. And power to Mr. Fuentez. There needs to be more mixing of the generations. Thanks to the Sun for a great story. — WILMA ZINK, Parsons

Change the selection process

To The Sun:

The way Kansas selects its Supreme Court justices and justices of the Court of Appeals is broken. It needs to be fixed. No other state in the union uses our system. This law has only been in place since the term of Gov. Fred Hall in 1956. The lawyers of the Kansas Bar Association pick the top justices in Kansas. No other state in the union uses our system. It's so bad, that it is almost funny. Last year a Court of Appeals judge was re-elected by a very large margin. The only problem was he had died 30 days before the election. People do not know who the judges are when they go to vote for their retention.

The Kansas Senate has already passed a bill that would change the way we select our top judges in Kansas. To change this law requires a two thirds vote in the House and Senate, plus the governor's approval. It then must be approved in a statewide general election. This bill should pass by a large margin if it is sent to the voters of Kansas. Generally speaking, far left liberals and lawyers do not like this idea. The new system will be very similar to what is already used in the federal courts.

I strongly urge you contact your state representative and find out where he or she stands on this issue. — MIKE HOWERTER, Parsons

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