Transition of Family Peace Initiative

To the Sun:

I would like to thank several folks who have played a role in the successful transition of the Family Peace Initiative from the auspices of SKIL Resource Center Inc. to Halley Counseling Services PA, the founders of FPI.

First, Colleen Surridge of the Parsons Sun has played an instrumental part in helping us communicate the changes occurring at SKIL and the bright future of FPI, the certified batterers intervention program serving Southeast Kansas. Thank you, Colleen and the Parsons Sun, for getting the word out. The efforts of the staff of FPI to solve the issue of continuation of services were tremendous.

Hats off to Katy, Brooke, Christine and Evelyn for their hard work and best of wishes in 2013. We will miss you.

Behind the scenes, Matt Atteberry of the Labette Center for Mental Health Services has been a great sounding board throughout the process of change. Matt opened his door and picked up his phone numerous times as we explored the options for continuation of this vital project. Thanks Matt for your time and counsel.

I would also like to thank the candidates for the Crawford County attorney’s race for elevating the awareness of the need to preserve and enhance the FPI services. Both Angie Tremble and Mike Gayoso are great supporters of this intervention and represent the sentiment of law enforcement and court services well.

Thanks to the county commissioners of the Southeast Kansas counties affected by the problems of domestic violence. Your ongoing support will be vital to the future of the program.

And a special thanks to Dorthy Stucky Halley and Steve Halley of Halley Counseling Services for reaching out to us and creating a way to continue this very important intervention. SKIL has been honored to have played a role in the history of the Family Peace Initiative and will continue to support those efforts into the future. — Dave Sorrick, director of development and special projects, SKIL Resource Center Inc.

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