City wasting a lot of money

To The Sun:

This is in response to the Public Mind article in the Saturday-Sunday edition of the Sun. The letter writer needs to learn to read. The campaign ad that ran Feb. 6 did not ask "why would anyone want to live in Parson?" It said "why would anyone come to Parsons and compete with City Hall?" When you are quoting someone I would suggest you include all the information in the sentence, and not just your opinion, or what you want it to say, or say what the person who is coaxing you wants people to think it said.

The letter listed 10 very good points. Most people consider:


1. Utilities: Gas/Electric. Good, clean, safe water and an impeccable water plant in good working condition with good working filters. Streets in good condition (all over town, not just the higher dollar areas). Working sewer lines.


2. A downtown full of retail businesses with attractive buildings with which to do business in. Look at the three outside walls on Main Street between 18th and 19th streets in our downtown area. Pitiful. It doesn’t even look like we care enough to use paint. (Of course, I realize paint will not fix these problems.)


3. Industrial jobs that pay more than minimum wage.


4. Protection services: Police, fire and EMS.

I am not mentioning hiking/walking trails because 95 percent of people say they don’t want/need them or their maintenance. I am not mentioning the hiking trail the city staff added to the 13th Street storm water drainage because this is just "pork" added to a grant that looks like it is needed.

Our city staff is wasting a lot of money on pretty things. For instance what did moving the rocks in at 16th and Main Streets do for us, or the printed mile marker stones placed on the hiking trail? In the future the turtle artwork at Tolen Creek will cost taxpayers (along with donations) many dollars just to have something to look at when driving by on U.S. 400.

These pretty things are not what attract businesses and people to locate in Parsons. — WYMETTA BARNETT, Parsons

What Parsons needs

To The Sun:

What does Parsons need? It needs more commissioners like Frankie Barnett. You may not agree with his methods, but he always has the taxpayers' interest in mind. Recently he placed an ad asking “Why would anyone come to Parsons and compete with city hall?" I have read and heard some very good answers to this, except they all missed the point of the question.  There are plenty of good reasons to come to Parsons, but the question was why compete with City Hall? None of the respondents would have scored very high on that essay question.

Mr. Barnett is not afraid to buck the system.

He voted no (4-1) against Red Tail Ridge. The project failed.

He voted no (4-1) against loaning money for the Salley building. The loan was defaulted on.

He voted no (4-1) against hiring Retail Attractions. After wasting $60,000, city staff cancelled the contract.

Do you know that the money used for the farming project is paid out of the sewer fund?

It appears that no matter how Mr. Barnett feels about any issue the good ol’ boys will gang up against him, just because they can.

What does Parsons need? Frankie Barnett and two others to ask the questions and look out for the Parsons taxpayers. — CRAIG SONKA, Parsons

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