Watch tax exempt progress

To The Sun:

After living more than 30 years in Montgomery County and more than 20 years in Labette County, I cannot believe that the Kansas Legislature would be inclined to raise the personal property taxes by 38 to 50 percent in these two counties. Lawmakers are considering exempting certain fixtures in counties. (An example would be exempting the tax value of a crane that's attached to a manufacturing building.)

These two counties trade having the highest unemployment rate in the whole state. Those residential homeowners and small business taxpayers, which often struggle to but always pay their personal property taxes, would now be placed under a tremendous burden. The burden of making up the difference in taxes if the big businesses get this kind of tax break could cause some taxpayers to think of leaving these counties and some to even leave the state. This would put an even higher tax burden on those remaining taxpayers. Renting houses and property looks better and better.

Why would our legislators from Southeast Kansas put CVR Energy Inc. and the Kansas Chamber of Commerce PAC before the needs of the people they are supposed to be serving? I never heard any of them say they were for big business while they were trying to get us to vote for them. All I heard was how much they cared for us and wanted to bring our needs and concerns to Topeka.

Well, do they think about our needs? We’ll be watching them to see if they really do care about their constituents or if it’s all talk! — NORA BUTLER, Independence

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