To The Sun:

Has everyone been watching the most powerful man in the world declaring that our government consists of a number of “independent agencies,” none of whom are obliged to inform the White House of their activities. Forget that Harry Truman nonsense about the buck’s final resting place! Apparently President Obama learned of the inspector general's report on the IRS scandal when it was leaked to the media.

It is only a coincidence that the three major scandals under investigation happened to be of significant benefit to the president’s re-election campaign, covering up of the Benghazi tragedy might persuade the public that the death of Osama Bin Lada really did stop the war on terror. Months later we may find out who composed the lies contained in the talking points offered in explanation of how it happened.  Every day brings new revelations such as the outrageous partisan use of the IRS in its discrimination against hundreds of conservative organizations seeking tax-exempt status. IRS used its awesome power to not only delay the applications but to harass the applicants with FBI investigations, tax audits of the applicants’ personal and small business returns and similar harassment of any major contributors to these conservative causes such as tea party organizations.

It is surprising that the supervisor of the group practicing this behavior was promoted to supervisor of the IRS to be devoted to enforcing provisions of the new federal health care law. Congress is threatening to refuse funding for 16,000 new agents to be hired for this purpose, and possibly not the millions to be spent for “counselors” to help the public to choose the best options. As private insurance costs have already nearly doubled can anyone seriously believe this can reduce health care costs? Even with you factor in the reduction in Medicare costs by refusing any major medical treatment for those seniors over 75, those death counselors may be pretty expensive.

Last, but far from least, is the reprehensible behavior of the Department of Justice in seizing the documents and phone records of certain Associated Press offices, despite their cooperation in the DOJ investigation of a security leak and in utter disregard of the First Amendment.

Is the “hope and change” supposedly desired by a small majority in the November election really inclusive of the government takeover of the health industry, the disregard of constitutionally guaranteed rights and the dictatorial government by executive order? Or should we be very interested in the congressional probe? — EILEEN GOFOURTH, Parsons

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