A good place to live

To The Sun:

My wife and I saw a political ad in last Saturday’s paper that asked the question why would anyone want to live in Parsons? I can give you 10 reasons.

1. This is a community of caring people.

2. Our schools are the best in the area.

3. Labette Health is a leading health care facility.

4. We have an excellent Chamber of Commerce and tourism department.

5. Downtown Parsons is promoting our Main Street area.

6. Excellent city staff who are quite knowledgeable about what they do.

7. Good industry base.

8. Parsons State Hospital and Training Center.

9. Community activities and organizations : Katy Days, Parsons Area Concert Association.

10. Churches active in the community.

Remember the tornado? We lost a lot of homes and private money hasn’t been replacing them. People moving to Parsons are looking for and having difficulty finding adequate, appropriate housing. So, we are in the housing business.

A portion of the half cent sales tax, voted for by the community at an over 60 percent approval rating, goes toward economic development. Those dollars help new business get started and become a part of the tax base. Therefore, we are in the banking business.

If those who are so quick to point out what they see as negative things about our community would spend their time promoting and supporting the positive things, Parsons could be an even better place to live and raise a family. My wife and I do plan to vote in the upcoming election and we will be voting for those candidates who are positive and realistic about our community. We will be urging our friends to do the same thing. — DAVID WINCHELL, Parsons

God in schools

To The Sun:

The best way to protect our schools is to let God back in.

If we bring God back into our public schools by allowing prayer and Bible reading, then such shooting tragedies (Connecticut was the latest) would not occur. — ROY FISK, Altamont

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