The 2nd District seat in U.S. Congress is one of the most important choices to affect Kansas and the nation. Today, Congress (the U.S. House of Representative and the U.S. Senate) is held in the majority by the GOP. Many people are frustrated with the gridlock that exists in dialogue, some factual and authenticated as true, some false and some strong-armed manipulation has weakened programs and services that greatly challenge the needs and desires of the American people. We are alarmed by the rhetoric of the GOP executive branch and results in our country being laughed at by many nations. We are also being catapulted into a quick appointment of a Supreme Court justice (GOP stacked) when the wheels of justice turn slowly and methodically following protocol and deliberation and the law. The “checks and balances” provided through the Constitution are being ignored by this majority.

For the first time in more than a decade, Kansas can make a difference. May I suggest voters must “turn the tide and send a blue wave to anchor a majority in the House of Representatives.” The congressional ship is top heavy with red cargo and the voters in the 2nd Congressional District of Kansas can come to the rescue for balance in the this sea of turmoil by electing Kansas Democrat Paul Davis.

Paul Davis ran a very close race as Sam Brownback became governor for a second term. Brownback continued his “great experiment” using tax cuts and cutbacks in services. Kansans saw this practice fail and erode, especially health care and education for its people. Now Kansans must use our power as voters to demonstrate “checks and balances” must work for the common good here in our state and the federal government. Good people can come together and show we can all work for what is right and just. 

Davis is well prepared for this congressional seat. A University of Kansas and Washburn University School of Law graduate, he interned with Hensley and Slattery. He was appointed to the Kansas Legislature. Recognized for his leadership abilities, he was elected the Kansas House minority leader during the Great Recession. He negotiated a common sense budget deal. He is a listener, consensus builder, dedicated to democratic ideals and democracy. He is husband, father, faced with family health issues, has practiced family law, estate planning and advised small businesses, non-profits and larger corporations in Kansas. As member of his local Chamber of Commerce, he had first-hand appreciation for making payrolls and managing regulations. Davis pointed out in his material that Kansas is and always has been forward looking by advocating the rights of women. Kansas gave women the right vote in 1912. Believe in the future. There is hope to bring back “checks and balances.” Paul Davis is now prepared to give back in service to Kansans as 2nd District congressman. He has visited and held conversations with citizens in all 25 counties that make up the 2nd Congressional District (eastern Kansas). 

The Republican candidate is a newcomer to the political scene. He calls himself a “political outsider.”

Steve Watkins is a veteran, graduate of West Point, Harvard, global traveler, athlete via dog sled competition in Alaska and mountain climber. He’s a special person indeed. His father, a doctor in Topeka, is funding a $64,000 ad campaign through a PAC donation. (PACs can and do receive large donations from unidentified individuals and corporations, they then pass money to other groups who use every means to sell the public this candidate. When their candidate is elected, he or she could become susceptible to manipulation by large donors.) It is my observation, having read much about Mr. Watkins’ life and service, he is short in experience and involvement in the legislative issues in eastern Kansas. He proclaims he is for health care, education and the common good for all people. After viewing his video which sights military and civilian work in war zones and leadership to bring diverse people together, he appears never to have suffered a failure. He appears perfect. And that is what I believe may be his weakness. For failure leads one to humility and empathy for others. He had never registered or voted until primary election in 2018 and does not have experience with the makeup and issues of the 2nd District, which extends from Oklahoma to Nebraska lines in eastern Kansas with exception of the large population area around Kansas City.

Here in Southeast Kansas, for example, we have high numbers of school children and families who are hungry, growing numbers in foster care and incarcerated young people, single-parent families, large number of elderly, disadvantaged and special care needs, and a rise in health care and medical costs and keeping rural hospitals and clinics open with top quality care. 

In conclusion, I ask your vote for Paul Davis. No matter your party affiliation or persuasion, in this moment in time, we the voters in Kansas 2nd District should vote to bring “checks and balance” to the federal government ship of Democracy or sink into the sea of authoritarianism. — HELEN C. JONES, Parsons

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