I loved Betty White like a best friend. I’ve known her for over 60 years, but I’ve never met her. 

Her portrayal of Rose Nyland in “Golden Girls” is hilarious and has given me hours of laughter. (The writers are the best, too).

Betty and I are in the same age group. I am 93. She would have been 100 this month. But people of all ages loved her shows as well as the real Betty.

She had no children, but her love of animals and the many ways she supported them caused me to love her more.

This year, instead of sending a few valentines, I’m going to count grandkids and send a dollar for each to PALS (Proud Animal Lovers Shelter) in honor of this lovely lady. I miss her already. Won’t you join me? I’m sure the animals would love some extra straw bedding during these beastly cold nights. – DONNA SEELEY, Parsons

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