Happy Groundhog Day, everyone! While we do not have any groundhogs at Proud Animal Lovers Shelter, we do have 23 dogs and 11 cats who would love to have their own forever families.

In January two cats found loving families and one was returned to its owner. Six cats came into our shelter. We took in nine dogs and adopted out seven.

Raney Rapp was chosen as our PALS Person of the Month. Raney lives in Erie and is an associate editor for Farm Talk. She also has a small family photography and graphic design business called Raney Day Photography. She had been looking for ways to become more involved in our community and, since she loves animals, PALS seemed like a perfect fit. Raney says, “The dogs and cats at PALS are very special and each has their own unique personality, but the people that are dedicated to PALS have been the biggest reason I’ve enjoyed volunteering.” Raney and her husband adopted a golden retriever mix named Roxanne from PALS and she has become a huge part of their lives. “There are so many pets at PALS that have the capacity to change lives the way Roxanne did for us, and I would encourage anyone to stop by and see who speaks to your heart the way she did to mine.” We are so appreciative of the love and dedication Raney gives to our animals and shelter.

Our new brochure is out in various places in town. One correction that we are happy to make is that in 2018, instead of adopting out 144 dogs, we adopted out 160. 

There are several opportunities to support PALS coming up. The downtown merchants have a “Love Your Community” event on Saturday, Feb. 9. If you shop at George’s Gifts and Cards that day, 10 percent of the total sales will be donated to PALS. Thank you, Janet George.

The second annual PALS soup and dessert fundraiser will be from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 13, in the Parsons Municipal Building basement. Soup choices are chicken noodle served with a homemade biscuit, or vegetable, vegetable beef, or taco, all served with cornbread. There will be a variety of desserts. Coffee, tea and water will be provided for dine-in and carryout orders. We also will deliver, but delivery orders have to be called in by 4 p.m. Monday, Feb. 11. Please call 421-3485 or 421-0445 to place a delivery order. The cost is $7 and proceeds go to PALS.

As many of you know, we rescued a number of abandoned kittens last year. This is the time of year to get your cats spayed/neutered so there will not be unwanted kittens in our neighborhoods. Kitten season is approaching and we need responsible owners to step up and get their animals spayed/neutered. 

Vaccines for children have been in the news lately. I would also like to mention how important vaccines are for your pets. Now would be a great time to make sure your dog has received its yearly vaccination for parvovirus. That is a highly contagious viral illness that can kill your dog within 72 hours without emergency care. Depending on the dog’s size, the average cost of treatment is $600. This can be avoided by having your dog vaccinated for $15. (A booster will be needed just for the first year.) Dogs adopted from PALS have been vaccinated for parvo and distemper, bordetella and rabies.

We would love to have you come visit our no-kill shelter. If you have a child who would like to read to our animals, please check out the display at Advance America. Kim Barney is promoting our reading program and has books there that children may borrow to read at PALS. Thank you, Kim! Children reading at PALS must be accompanied by a parent.

And, thank you to all who support PALS in so many ways.

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