To The Sun:

My name is Chris Clisham, president of Basic Animal Rights Council, otherwise known as BARC. BARC is a grassroots animal rights group based here in Parsons. BARC’s mission is three-fold: To make Parsons a more animal-friendly community by working to rescue and save as many animals in our community as possible, who are homeless, abandoned, or living in situations of abuse or neglect; provide medical treatment and socialization for rescued animals and placing them up for adoption or transporting them to their forever homes; and educate the community on animal care. 

BARC started almost seven years ago by Dr. Eva Dudek, a local veterinarian. The founding members worked with the city of Parsons to establish a dog park. The dog park is located on Main Street next to Marvel Park. Other BARC members contributed by building agility equipment, which you may have noticed painted blue and yellow (the colors of the Parsons Vikings). There is a big dog park and small dog park. BARC receives many compliments from the public about the dog parks, especially from folks traveling through town. BARC’s hope is that more Parsons residents use the park and give their dogs opportunities for exercise. There is a saying, actually two that I have heard of: a tired dog is a good dog, and a good dog is a tired dog.

BARC also has a trap-neuter-return program, in which feral cats are trapped, spay or neutered and returned to where there were trapped. To date, BARC has trapped and fixed nearly 70 cats in our community. To date, BARC has rescued at least 25 dogs and cats, and helps to feed a population of 40 stray cats. BARC has transported at least 10 dogs to other rescue groups in Kansas. BARC works closely with Dr. Dudek in caring for animals brought in by Animal Control. If no owners come forward for these animals, BARC works to provide them with any boarding and medical procedures necessary to get them adopted.

BARC has a goal of building a shelter for Parsons and the surrounding area. This shelter will be built to accommodate dogs, cats, horses and other types of animals in need of help. BARC wants to work with PALS and other shelters across the state and the region to help all animals. But BARC mostly needs the support of Parsons, Labette County, and Southeast Kansas to make the shelter a reality. We have preliminary plans for the shelter available for viewing at Parsons Pet Hospital.  BARC is 501 (c)(3) non-profit public charity. 

We exist with donations from the public. BARC is working on fundraising for the shelter. If you would like to help, or for more information, please visit our website at Like us on Facebook by searching for BARC — Parsons. If you know of an animal in distress please contact the animal control officer in Parsons, or call (620) 778-6841.


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