The ASPCA has designated October as “Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.” We at the Proud Animal Lovers Shelter agree. We have 19 wonderful dogs who can’t wait to be members of loving, forever families. They can be seen on our PALS Facebook page under “Adoptable Pets.” Just message or call us (620-421-0445) to learn how to adopt one of these precious dogs. 

If you’re more of a cat person, we have 11 cats who are looking for families to love and adopt them. 

During September, we took in 14 dogs and four cats. Six dogs and four cats were adopted out to loving homes.

The board of PALS would like to thank all who donated, shopped or helped with our four summer rummage sales. Each one was more profitable than the previous one. Special thanks go to Dean Cramer and Nick Merchant who went above and beyond all expectations in helping us, especially during our September sale. 

During our rummage sales, you may have seen Facebook videos of our sale items, narrated by Jennifer Dawson. She also is responsible for several promotional videos for PALS. We greatly appreciate her expertise and support, and we are very proud to honor her as our PALS Person of the Month. Jennifer says, “I enjoy supporting PALS because I have seen first hand the excellent care the animals receive as they wait for their forever homes. The dedication of the volunteers is truly life changing for the animals and for the people who adopt them.” Jennifer Dawson, thank you so much for all you’ve done, and we look forward to continuing to work with you.

Halloween is coming this month and it can be a dangerous holiday for pets, especially cats. The following information is from Ruth MacPete, DVM, from PetHealth Network. Even if cats are not normally inside cats, Halloween night is a night they should be kept indoors. Scary noises and children in costumes shouting may scare even inside cats. “Many pets are lost each Halloween when they get scared and dart out of open doors, so keep your cats safe and away from the commotion by keeping them in a back room.” Another reason to keep cats inside is to protect them from people who would harm them. There has been an increase in the disappearance of animals, especially black cats, during Halloween. 

Halloween candy can be just as dangerous for cats as it is for dogs. Chocolate is toxic to pets and can be fatal. Candy sweetened with xylitol, such as sugar-free gum, can be very dangerous. “Xylitol causes insulin release and low blood sugar levels and can lead to liver failure.” If dogs, and possibly cats, get into boxes of raisins or grapes, they can suffer acute kidney failure. 

Halloween is one of children’s favorite holidays, but it can be dangerous for them and for pets. Being a responsible parent includes monitoring the safety of our four-legged children, too.

Oswegofest will be taking place next Saturday, Oct. 9, beginning at 11 a.m. in Riverside Park in Oswego. PALS will be there, sharing information about our shelter. We hope that many of you will come by and see us. 

Thank you to all who donate cans in our recycling bins. It has been amazing to see the community response in Parsons and Oswego. PALS sincerely appreciates your overwhelming support.

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