I want to take the time to personally thank each person who has ever visited the Parsons Sonic Drive-In in the last eight years. The time has come for me to move forward in life. I'm deeply grateful not only for your continuing support during my tenure at the Parsons Sonic but for helping me achieve what once seemed impossible. Because of you and your continued support, I will carry many accomplishments to my next endeavor. I can tell you, as a community, we have set some outrageous Sonic records coming from our little hometown location.

Be proud of the role you each played as we fixed a failing business and turned it into what we have today. I am ecstatic to report that the location has doubled in sales since we first began working together. I am not quite sure what I am going to do next. Still, I assure you I will continue to do what I love the most. Knowing the community had my back allowed me to build the necessary skills for future growth and create a foundation to follow my dreams.

Most importantly, you have contributed to many successes for my family. We are forever grateful. This support is a kindness I'll never forget. If I show up at another business in Parsons, I would be honored to do it all over again. My goal is to operate an establishment I can call my own in our town one day.

I appreciate everything you've done more than you'll ever know. To my staff, never forget how important you are or your worth. We are all great at something. – ALYSSA MURPHY, Parsons

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