To The Sun:

Last week, a local Democrat wrote a very long opinion piece that appeared in the Sun. The subject of her article was, why we should all vote for Paul Davis to represent us in Congress and not vote for congressional candidate Steve Watkins. The purpose of this article is to present the other side of this coin.

By all means, if you believe in electing a far-left liberal who will support major Democrat programs like socialized medicine, sanctuary cities, open borders, higher taxes, more government regulation and “Democratic Socialism,” then you will want to vote for Paul Davis. Davis is endorsed by Nancy Pelosi and she has helped to raise millions of dollars to elect Davis.

If you like and agree with the many positive improvements that President Trump has put in place, then you will want to vote for Steve Watkins. Watkins has been endorsed by President Trump and he will work for better border security, better trade deals, infrastructure improvements, maintaining the booming economy and “draining the swamp.”

If you watched the Judge Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation hearings, then you understand why candidate party affiliation is important. You can either vote for the person who represents the party that hates Trump or vote for Steve Watkins, who will work with President Trump to make America great again. It’s just that simple. — MIKE HOWERTER, Parsons

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