To The Sun:

I just finished reading the current issue of AARP magazine. I was a bit disturbed when I read the article about Social Security. Yep, I am old now and do receive the benefits for which I am thankful.  What disturbed me was this:

You and I and everyone who works pays into Social Security on your wages. That is unless you earn more than $128,700 in 2018. In other words all of those pro sports players, politicians, Hollywood stars and Nashville recording artists, people like Warren Buffett in Omaha, Trump in D.C., doctors, lawyers, etc. Do not pay into Social Security beyond $128,700 in earnings. Is it just me, or do you reckon the S.S. trust fund would have ample money if these folks paid on the other millions they earn each year? Maybe we should complain to someone? Congress maybe? But they are smack in the middle of this crowd and the ones who voted for this years ago. I feel better now. — MIKE WOMELDORFF, Parsons

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