We need specifics and concrete answers to solve violence

To The Sun:

William James Moore, commenting in the March 17-18 Public Mind wants “common sense to prevail” as we search for solutions to gun violence in our schools. Since I have lost faith in the role “common sense” plays in decision making among our citizens and  public officials, I believe more specific and concrete measures should be identified and discussed. I believe the following are items that should be addressed and acted on in our private and public discussions.

How do we address issues of bullying among our student population? What measures can the students, parents and administrators collaborate to manage such behaviors in our schools and families in our community? 

How do we address behaviors that are disruptive in our schools? Who is designated in the building to intervene when a student shows signs that can lead to the behavior? What is a student’s responsibility in identifying these signs and bringing them to the attention of those designated to monitor and intervene as necessary?

How can continuity be maintained when disruptive students are referred for professional treatment? How can communications between agencies be established and maintained as followup following the initial intervention? How will parents be involved? 

One-time measures do not solve the problem. Resolution requires people (therapists, school staff, students and parents) working together as proactive agents in support of the behavior change.

We need to talk  about how to accomplish these issues in order to make our schools and communities safe. — MARY CATHERINE BROWN, Parsons


Ideas to boost outdoor activity

To The Sun:

Some ideas to increase outdoor activity options for local residents:

1. Open up the many miles of roads at the old ammunition plant for walkers and bicycle riders.

2. Let mountain bicycle riders share/use the equestrian trail at Big Hill Lake.

3. Add a few marked bike lanes in Parsons to make new riders feel a bit safer. Do we need a four-lane road on Southern and South 32nd?

4. Add to our paved bike path in Parsons by adding a trail north from Main Street to Tolen Creek Park and west from the arboretum/ Appleton St. to 32nd.

Lastly, we could connect our Frisco Trail to the Southwind Rail Trail in Humboldt, utilizing the old railroad rights of way. — JOHN FORD, Parsons

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