To The Sun:

I just received another one of those glossy flyers in the mail from Americans for Prosperity funded by the Koch brothers. These flyers attack Rep. Richard Proehl and Sen. Dan Goddard for supporting the rollback of some of the Legislature’s disastrous tax cuts of 2012.

This latest flyer says “tax hike ROBS the working poor.” Are they serious? The rollbacks included repeal of the exemption from income tax of businesses, while their employees are still subject to tax. I guess if you consider the billionaire Kochs to be the “working poor,” then the statement is true. Furthermore, the working poor still pay little or no Kansas income tax. What they do pay is sales tax, which was increased dramatically a couple of years ago to try to replace some of the revenue lost by the income tax cuts.

What does hurt the working poor, as well as all Kansans, is lack of funding for our schools, highways, health care and social services, as well as incurring indebtedness and reduced credit ratings that will pass these problems on to our children for years to come.

Proehl and Goddard both campaigned on rolling back the 2012 cuts and have kept their promises. In the last election voters across the state threw out many of the rubber-stamp tax cutters and replaced them with moderates supporting fiscal responsibility. The 2012 tax cuts drilled a hole in the ship of state and now its proponents are attacking those who are trying to repair it. Fortunately, I don’t believe Kansas voters are gullible enough to believe their misrepresentations a second time. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. — VINCENT T. MILLER, Parsons


GOP tax bill is cruel

To The Sun:

The GOP proposed tax bill is a cruel bill.  It is cruel to disallow deductions for large medical bills.  Is it not bad enough to have poor health and now have the government disallow medical expenses. It is cruel to disallow deducting interest payments on student loans. Young folks are trying to improve their life and our economy and now the government proposes penalizing them. It is cruel to reduce Medicaid and Medicare support. It is cruel to our children and grandchildren to increase the national debt. It is cruel to take the child tax credit away from the almost 3 million children who are American citizens but whose parents are not citizens. It is cruel to the middle class to remove the alternate minimum tax so high income folks can be taxed less.

The GOP is trying their best to ram this tax proposal through the House before citizens have the opportunity to know what it contains.  I urge you to call Lynn Jenkins today at her D.C. office at (202) 225-6601 and voice your disapproval. Or email her lynnjenkins@house.gov. — ROBERT E. BRANDENBURG, Parsons

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