To The Sun:

On Tuesday the Parsons Fire Department called and said they had put out a fire on a utility pole on 32nd Street early that morning.

I was informed the sparks had put holes in one of my canopies and melted spots on a second one. I called Westar (Evergy) and reported this to them. They responded they would check into it and get back to me. I was later called and told Westar didn’t cover acts of God or faulty equipment. I guess when the switch on top of the their transformer caught on fire, it is up to me and my insurance company to pay for repairs to my property.

So if you have property with high lines and equipment over it, and their equipment is faulty and starts a fire, their insurance won’t cover your property.

Acts of God I understand, but their faulty equipment I don’t.

Kind of confusing to me. I run an auto repair shop if my equipment fails and damages your car my insurance covers it. Just FYI for everyone to know. — DAVID STICE, SEK Auto Sales Inc., Parsons


Note From Westar: Our claims team has reviewed the incident. It was caused by equipment failure, and that doesn’t meet the threshold for company liability. Our terms and conditions, established with the Kansas Corporation Commission, detail that Evergy is liable for damage when it “has been caused by the Company’s willful or wanton conduct,” which wasn’t evident here. The business owner may file a claim with his insurer.

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