To The Sun:

I am writing to refute the recent Public Mind published in the Sun that extolled Rep. Joe Kennedy III’s speech after President Trump’s State of the Union address and his ideals as being of the same caliber and truth as were those of his grandfather Robert’s and his great uncle John’s. 

I lived many years in Massachusetts and at the time when JFK, Robert and Ted were living and running for office, being elected, etc. This older generation of Kennedys was well known to all of us living in Massachusetts, and so were their words and ideals. They even visited our schools and talked about their ideals and things they planned to accomplish. When Ted Kennedy came to speak at our high school in Concord, Massachusetts, I stayed after the speech with a few other students and we had our photos taken with him.

Sadly, this new generation Kennedy, Rep. Joe Kennedy III, a Massachusetts Democrat, is not like his forebearers at all. What he said was straight out of the hype, lies, propaganda, brainwashing of the swamp and Democrats. It was sickening to watch and listen to him as he showed how sold out to the dark side  that he is. My having lived among and knowing of the older generation of Kennedys gives merit to my refuting Joe Kennedy’s speech for the Democrats.

The swamp counts on people remembering and rhapsodizing over the name of Kennedy, as did the writer of the recent Public Mind. Therefore, they pulled their “Kennedy name card” for this speech after Trump’s address, just like they have pulled their other cards, like the race card or the sexual harassment card, etc. This card pulling is one of the Democrats’ favorite ploys to sway and fool the masses, creating pawns of them. Yet, for all of their saying otherwise, most Democrats care nothing for the American people, for our country or for even these illegal aliens they glamorize as “immigrants and dreamers.” It is only for gaining support and increasing voter numbers that they care about.

However, they had to go with this “big name card” because they realize they are losing credibility and support by those who are finally seeing through lies and their real agenda, which is to be in control and to continue taking down and selling out our country to their superiors like George Soros and his ilk. They hide their own bad doings by hypocritically projecting these upon scapegoats of their choosing, knowing and counting on those people who enjoy bashing the scapegoats, President Trump and Vice President Pence being the two most bashed. — CAROL FAUSTER, Parsons

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