Navigating everyday life is difficult these days.

Social media is a troublesome distraction for our young people and others.

How long does it take to see or hear someone playing a video, or laughing at a post in a public place? Not long.

And what do they get out of this? A minute or two of entertainment, but little knowledge.

They “like” it or “share” it, so someone else in the restaurant or grocery line or aisle at Walmart can see what the fuss is about: Nothing.

The result is an ill-informed population that strays toward lunacy in thinking what they see or “read” on social media posts in their friends’ “news” feed is the gospel truth.

A recent case in point: Arby’s is coming to Parsons. Who hasn’t heard this recently?

It has to be true because “someone” posted it on Facebook. It’s easier to believe an image that someone created rather than taking the time to read a newspaper or follow city government to find facts.

The fact is, Arby’s isn’t coming. At least not yet. Who knows what the future holds if development breaks out at the U.S. 59 and U.S. 400 junction? Maybe it could come here. (Are you listening, Arby’s?).

Taco Bell is here. Construction is nearly done and it looks like the restaurant could be opening soon. 

Not all social media posts are ill-informed or wrong. There is truth out there if you can recognize it. Unfortunately, truth is in the eyes of the beholder these days and one consumer’s truth is another’s falsehood.

But newspapers are still here, hoping to tell stories of interest to our readers and stories that help define and explain a community.

Stories start with a fact and hopefully journalists can build on that fact for a full report.

Newspapers are the first draft of history. Sometimes the first draft may leave things out, but these details get included eventually after more facts turn up on an issue. 

So give true media a chance to shine. Read a newspaper, listen to a radio or TV news broadcast. The journey should be worth it and, hopefully, you will learn something in the process.

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