To The Sun:

This letter is in response to the long photo caption about a talk I recently gave to the Parsons Rotary Club about the history of our business and other funeral home establishments in Parsons in past years. There were several inaccurate statements in the story that I believe need to be clarified.

The Burris-Wall Funeral Home was opened in January 1966 across the street from our current location and Jack Burris was my original partner.  In 1979 the Carson Funeral Home merged into our corporation and we started construction of the building that we have operated in since the summer of 1980. For several years we operated as Burris-Carson-Wall Funeral Home. After Jack Burris retired in the mid 1980s the name was changed to the present name. Our family has totally owned the funeral home since 1991.

The Martin Funeral Home, an early day prominent business in Parsons, was never connected with our firm. I mentioned that firm in the talk to illustrate how many early day funeral homes were a combination furniture store and funeral home business. The Martins operated many, many years in Parsons and retired and sold their businesses in the late 1950s. Memory tells me that Pete Davis purchased the furniture store and Ray Shigley purchased the funeral home. Sun Graphics now is located where these businesses formerly were housed.

Besides having all the records of the funerals we have handled since 1966, we have in our possession all the funeral records from the Martin Funeral Home, the Carson Funeral Home, the Rude Funeral Home, the Washburn-Blossom Funeral Home, Blossom-Demuth Funeral Home and the S. Fell Jones Funeral Home. A great many Parsons family histories can be found in these records and we are often contacted by people from around the country seeking genealogy information. — GARY WALL, Parsons

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