To The Sun:

For too long, the Sun has been publishing the toxic, non-factual and sensationalistic articles of Davis Merritt and his ilk, including political cartoonists.

Mr. Merritt is far from being a professional journalist and editorial writer. He constantly weaves false stories meant to incite the public, even to being seditious, especially about President Trump. Merritt’s columns are the epitome of sensationalism: Editorial bias, overhyped, presenting biased impressions on people or events, manipulating the truth, even lying in order to malign and to get readers to buy the accusations. It isn’t the Russians that we have to worry about meddling in our affairs, but the likes of Merritt from within our nation.

In Merritt’s weekend editorial column, the only fantasy is Merritt’s column and allegations. He thinks by bashing the president non-stop that he will fool readers into buying the negative propaganda and into believing he is somehow a journalist. 

I am not fooled and I hope others will see him and his falsehoods for what he and they are.

The Parsons Sun may be a small Southeast Kansas newspaper, but it does not have to be “small” as in biased and sensational in its viewpoints, reporting and articles. It can start by not carrying the articles of Davis Merritt and his ilk and by giving the readers better guest columnists and better editorial cartoonists.

I have faith that the Sun can offer professional journalism. —  CAROL FAUSTER, Parsons

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