To the Sun:

The recent massacre of 59 and injury of hundreds of others in Las Vegas was a despicable act of horrific cruelty. It’s another painful reminder that, in a world of much good, there also exists considerable evil.

Nevertheless, good can be the ultimate victor and hope is a crucial survivor as demonstrated by the many who unfailingly confront evil’s despicable works. The list is long, first responders, law enforcement, medical professionals, an array of unnamed others and on the world stage our military. People are giving of themselves through heroic acts of courage and self-sacrifice. These are invaluable demonstrations of true caring for fellow human beings.

Unfortunately, for many the triumph of good over evil can be long coming, or never realized because of ignorance, apathy, complacency or denial.  Just remember the millions massacred not so long ago at the hand of Adolph Hitler’s regime, as too many nations for too long turned their heads away. More recently, this was demonstrated by the millions trapped in the menacing jaws of barbaric regimes such as North Korea and countless others worldwide deprived of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Many of us take for granted or choose to show disrespect for our precious liberty and freedom and the nation’s symbols of these.

The faces of evil are many and often masked. However, regardless of where, when and how it is revealed, evil originates not in “things” (knives, guns, explosives, car bombs, hijacked aircraft, etc.), but in the hearts and minds of humankind by intent and choices.

Fortunately, a relative few choose to do so. Rather than acknowledging and trying to deal with these aspects of human nature, many prefer to deny or ignore such and futilely continue to blame human failings on “things.” A self-destructive path is evidenced by related circumstances playing out in Great Britain, where guns were purged from law-abiding citizens, leaving them often defenseless against armed terrorists and other criminal elements.

Terrorists there are carrying out horrifying attacks with knives and acids. These are reminders that the distracting focus on things fails to address the evil intent in the hearts of some. And those hell-bent on inflicting cruelty on others have at their disposal an essentially limitless array of ways and means.

The “good vs evil” struggle is an age-old human condition. And, as history shows, the victor between these two conflicting sides of humankind will likely always be the one we choose to nurture the most. Therein rests the prospect for hope’s survival and our ultimate fate. — WILLIAM JAMES MOORE, Parsons

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