To The Sun:

Sometimes I ask myself why I am such a devout Democrat. This week, after listening for an hour and a half to President Trump speak, I was reminded. I continued to listen to a young man named Kennedy and, like his grandfather, Bobby, and his uncles, Jack and Teddy, he said all the words that I was wanting to hear again.

U.S. Rep. Joe Kennedy was the official Democrat chosen to respond to the president’s words, but he spent more time explaining better plans for us. If there is a decision between the rich and the poor, choose both.

He is an idealist. I have wanted schools to be opened to teach high schoolers a job, electricians, plumbers. He wants that, too, and he wants prisoners to have the same. Great.

Kennedy said that some business owners make 300 times more than their employees. He said 67 percent of Americans cannot clear a check for $1,000. Wages are simply too low. Joe was a great speaker, so natural and at ease, just like the rest of the family.

I would’ve called Trump’s speech a tear-jerker. I did enjoy hearing about each guest. But he went too far using grieving parents as a lead-in to the immigration problem.

If not for this ugly part, his speech would’ve seemed normal. There were boos from the rear.

He did not to into the Russian issue. He did say he told his cabinet members to remove all federal employees who undermine the government.

I heard one Republican strategist say that the president’s words will float up in a mist of smoke and disappear. Possibly.

Joe closed by saying that politicians are known for the promises they make. Countries are known by the promises they keep. I was very impressed with young Joe Kennedy’s words. I hope you heard him. — DONNA SEELEY, Parsons

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