To The Sun:

Last evening I watched a show on the Topeka PBS station about folk music from long ago. This music was back in the 1960s when many were protesting about many things: War and killing; you know, Vietnam.

There was also racial problems, one race against another race. Segregation in schools, jobs, voting, etc. Then there were various religions against other religions. You know, Christians and others against Jews, Muslims against Christians, Jews and others. There was poverty in the U.S.A. and in other nations. People, you know, “us” destroyed the earth and our atmosphere. And, of course, our elected officials were not doing what “we” elected them to do. 

Pull up You Tube on your handy-dandy smart phone or computer at home and listen to some songs by Peter, Paul and Mary, the Kingston Trio and many other groups. You can even go back many years before them and listen to the songs of Woody Guthrie. Many of these were songs written by Pete Seager or Bob Dylan.

What you will find is that, sadly, the issues of the 1960s are still the same today. My question is this: When will we ever learn? It makes me sad to say “the answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind.” — MIKE WOMELDORFF, Parsons

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