To The Sun:

It amazes this old man what people do on the so called “social media.” I have not and will not sign up for any of these internet trouble makers. People seem to think they are invisible when they start writing things on the programs. Apparently whatever you write can be seen by darn near anyone. 

They say hurtful and hateful things they most likely would never say to someone’s face. I know people and I expect you do also who have been insulted and belittled by total strangers and sadly even family members. Then feelings are hurt and the person who received says, “they can’t talk that way about me,” and then they proceed to write something just as bad (or worse). You would think people would not have time for this kind of stuff. I learned long ago that a person can’t suit up for every fight. 

I just watched a news story about the wife of the U.S. Treasury secretary posting something showing herself and bragging about some high priced clothes and who knows what else. Yep, as sure as I am bald, some woman was offended and posted some hateful reply. Then the fight was on, back and forth just like a couple kids, but worse because these are supposed to be adults.

And like him or not, we have President Trump Tweeting all the time. He would probably get in less trouble if he would do his job. I don’t care who you are, why can’t you just say something nice? If my memory serves me it was a little white rabbit named Thumper that said, “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” 

Are story book bunnies smarter than us? Not only that, but God feels the same way and I would rather have Him on my side than mouth off to someone on the computer. — MIKE WOMELDORFF, Parsons

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