To The Sun:

Several GOP congressmen, in particular Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, are disseminating false information about the FBI, trying to hurt their reputation as special prosecutor Robert Mueller gets closer to the oval office in his investigation into a Russian connection in the 2016 presidential election. Disgusting.

Sen. Johnson is implying with no evidence that there is a “secret society” that meets with the aim of a coup d’etat to take down the president. Friends, this is dangerous and signals to the world that something nefarious is occurring here. You just can’t make things like this up in a fictional spy novel.

Remember Joseph McCarthy, also of Wisconsin, who in the 1950s (I’m old enough to remember it) found communists under every bed post and destroyed reputations and careers in the process?

He eventually was drummed out of Congress when confronted by the chief counsel for the Army when he was asked McCarthy if he had no sense of decency.

We’re watching a re-run here. Watch the next few weeks as attacks will be intensified by right wing blogs, radio entertainers and a certain TV network as they lie about the FBI and who knows what else as Mueller closes the ring. — RICHARD SENGPIEHL, Lawrence

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