To The Sun:

I live in Goddard and grew up in Parsons. Last Friday, Sept. 1, I drove to Parsons to Oakwood Cemetery, my car loaded with my string trimmer and blower expecting to need to use. I was driving there to clean the graves for the fall for my mom and dad and nephew and put fall flowers on them.

To my surprise I drove up to find they had already been weed eated around and cleaned. This was a shock and awesome surprise. The job that I had to do for the last few years was done. Just last Memorial Day I was there and had to do this work.

While placing the new fall flowers in the pots a truck pulled up and a gentleman got out and came over, introduced himself and asked how the graves looked. In the conversation I found out his name was Chris Moore and he and his crew had been hard at work cleaning the graves.

He works for Parsons Public Works Director Darrell Moyer and City Manager Debbie Lamb.

To Chris and your crew I want to express and pass on what an excellent job you have done and are doing and it is greatly appreciated. They need a pat on the back and to be recognized for the awesome job they are doing.

Thank you very much. — JILL (SISSEL) DIR, Goddard

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