To The Sun:

The 18th annual Katy Days is in the books. While we have no way of determining the size of the crowd, it is believed to be one of the largest crowds ever. Katy Days is proof that when many people do their part, great things can happen. Even Mother Nature did her part by providing a non-rainy weekend.

The staff of the city of Parsons went over and above to help make things great. The crew that hung the new Katy Days banners did a great job. Low spots in Forest Park were leveled, and more electricity and water were added closer to the street in order to avoid having hoses and cords stretched across the sidewalk. Forest Park was well groomed thanks to the hard work of the city crews and the Operation Bright Touch volunteers.

Thank you all for being so dedicated to the beauty of the park. 

Each year we depend on the help of the young men and staff from the Youth Crisis Center and the Parsons High School football team and coaches to come to help set up on Friday. The young men do all the heavy lifting that it takes to get the environment turned into Katy Days. Then they come back early on Sunday morning to put it all away. We couldn’t do it without them.

 One of the favorite attractions during Katy Days is the pies! This year pie baking volunteers delivered more than 300 pies! Whether by the slice or selling a whole pie, at the end of the day all the pie was gone. Well done!  

The shuttle service was made possible by Labette Community College. Thank you to the drivers and volunteers who participated. We hope those of you who utilized the service were pleased.

Thanks also to all who followed us on social media. Our presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter made it possible to reach out and touch more people than ever.

Thank you to the Parsons Police Department, Parsons Fire Department and Labette Health Ambulance Service for your presence at Katy Days. Several times we were very glad EMS was nearby. These men and women have a plenty to do each day, but they were all visible at Katy Days.

There are so many people to thank that if we tried to name them all, we would leave someone out. If you volunteered, participated in the craft fair, walked in the parade, helped provide the local entertainment, displayed your craft in the Heritage Crafters tent, planned and executed the Worship in the Park: Thank you!

The Katy Days board is taking a break now, but you can be sure that ideas for next year are already being formulated. We are even thinking about Katy Days 2020, the 20th anniversary. 

Thanks to all who made the 18th annual Katy Days possible. We hope you will be able to be a part of the 2019 event. - DAVID and AQUILA WINCHELL, Katy Days coordinators, Parsons

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