To The Sun:

I am appealing to our friends and neighbors in Southeast Kansas to do the right thing to slow the spread of COVID-19 and get our economy more fully open. As we see in the news, the Asia economy is resuming and actually growing while the U.S. and European economies are actually shrinking. I want to confirm for your readers that while we are handling the volume of patients coming to the hospital, it is taking a toll on our resources and our staff. We have added a second shift of hospitalist physicians, which adds to their already busy clinic work taking time away from their families and putting them in harm’s way caring for COVID-19 positive patients. We have added nurses and pulled, at times, from all departments to care for the surge in patients. Our intensive care unit at times has been at 100% capacity. Our average daily census is averaging much higher than normal due most likely to many people delaying care during the pandemic and then coming to the hospital when they are very sick. 

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