Former Speaker of the U.S. House Tip O’Neill famously said, “All politics is local.” He was referring specifically to congressional races, where responding to local issues from a national perspective – farm subsidy payments, social security checks, small business loans, etc. – was crucial to…

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The First Amendment protects all kinds of speech we don’t like, but nothing in those 45 words prevents us from critically evaluating what we believe — or choose to retweet.

The beginning of a new fall semester is near. Labette Community College faculty will be back on campus, preparing for the semester with in-service and work days. It’s a time to remind ourselves about the central mission of the college: Creating quality learning opportunities in a supportive …

It’s one thing to be a loyal political subject, as Congressman Roger Marshall has proven to be for the Trump monarchy.

 Happy Groundhog Day, everyone! While we do not have any groundhogs at Proud Animal Lovers Shelter, we do have 23 dogs and 11 cats who would love to have their own forever families.

With a Democrat as the next governor of Kansas and a Republican-controlled Legislature, this would seem to be an opportunity for bipartisan cooperation in the Kansas Statehouse ... right after Kris Kobach tears up his NRA membership card.

“Take me back, take me way, way, way back…

Shock and awe! Kansas voters nailed the coffin shut this week on the discredited Brownback era. They chose a bipartisan path forward by electing Democratic state Sen. Laura Kelly as governor and soundly rejected her opponent, Secretary of State Kris Kobach.

The 2nd District seat in U.S. Congress is one of the most important choices to affect Kansas and the nation. Today, Congress (the U.S. House of Representative and the U.S. Senate) is held in the majority by the GOP. Many people are frustrated with the gridlock that exists in dialogue, some f…

If you’re part of an endangered species in Kansas known as moderate Republicans, it’s OK to walk the walk, just don’t talk the talk.

Will the “Trump effect” carry Kris Kobach and Republican congressional candidates to victory this November?

To The Sun:

With 70-some days to the 2018 general election, Greg Orman has become reviled by Democrats and others as a “spoiler,” who could easily help far-right Republican Kris Kobach win election as governor of Kansas.

Rudy Giuliani’s revelation during an interview that “Truth isn’t truth” has stunned many political pundits over the past few days.

The question of who will be the Republican candidate for governor was settled this week with Jeff Colyer’s concession to Kris Kobach.

The Proud Animal Lovers Shelter has had two summer events for which we would like to express our appreciation to a number of people.

Despite the great success of female candidates across the country this year, 2018 may become even more the political year of youth. This rosy possibility confronts the hard historical reality of low interest, low voting turnout and general cynicism toward politics among the young.

In communities across Kansas, farmers’ markets continue to offer homegrown and homemade products. Everything from freshly picked fruits and vegetables to mouthwatering baked goods, fresh eggs, beef, lamb, pork, colorful flower arrangements and assorted bedding plants.

Nearly 45,000 Americans die by suicide each year —an increase of nearly 25 percent since 1999.  No wonder the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calls it a public health crisis. The problem is even worse in Kansas:  Up 45 percent in the same time frame. The issue is in today’s headli…

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 This is it. The end. I’m not going to be around anymore to nag you about low birth rates, shrinking populations out west and the inevitability of change and its costs and responsibilities. No more scoffing at ridiculous claims about the sanctity of free enterprise without government interfe…