These items were taken from the Sun’s editions 20, 30 and 40 years ago.


June 20, 1979

Parsons’ $14.4 million urban renewal project continued to receive nationwide recognition as an example of what could be done with such a project in a city of its size. The city’s project was featured in an article in the June issue of Real Estate Today. The magazine had 750,000 subscribers nationwide. The article was written by three representatives of Urban Programming Corp. of America, St. Louis. The firm designed Parsons’ 35-block urban renewal project. The article pointed out that smaller cities also had needs that had been met by urban renewal, yet little public attention had been given to efforts to revitalize small towns.

A Katy Railroad spokesman outlined some actions the line had taken for the conservation of diesel fuel and an unhappy prospect if the cost-supply squeeze continued. W.H. Zeidel, Katy vice president of administration, said the railroad was operating on a reasonably secure basis, but if the diesel supply continued to diminish and the price continued to rise, it would have to compensate by cutting back on rail service. Main fuel storage points on the railroad were at Parsons and at Denison and Waco, Texas. Fuel was very hard to come by and very expensive because of refinery cutbacks related to blockades at larger fuel terminals by independent truckers. The truckers were opposing soaring diesel fuel prices and speed limits that they considered too low.


June 20, 1989

The Parsons USD 503 Board of Education approved a revision of the employee smoking policy. With the change, the use of tobacco products was prohibited in all buildings at all times and on school grounds during working hours. Previously, the policy had been that smoking was prohibited in all buildings owned by the school district. The board voted April 17 to prohibit student smoking on school grounds beginning in the fall. Board members questioned the reasons faculty and staff were not included in the policy, which caused the revision.


June 20, 1999

Two large cooling units were being added to the top of Dwayne’s Photo Service, 415 S. 32nd. A recent addition of work areas inside the plant had required more cooling to keep up with the expansion.

At its next meeting, the Parsons USD 503 Board of Education was scheduled to take action on a bidder for the sale of $6.3 million in general obligation bonds for the renovation of Parsons Middle School. The board also planned to consider the purchase of new high school band uniforms.

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