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Two COVID-19 patients from Montgomery County have died.

The Montgomery County Health Department reported the two deaths on Friday afternoon in its daily updated graphic showing local statistics.

According to the Montgomery County Chronicle, the individuals had underlying health conditions and were hospitalized out of Kansas at their times of passing.

“Our condolence goes out to family and friends,” said Carolyn Muller, Montgomery County Health Department administrator.

Montgomery County has reported six confirmed COVID-19 cases, including the two patients who died. The county has had one person each in the 20-29 age range, 40-49 range, 70-79 range and 80-89 range and two in their 60s.

The health department isn’t notified about the hometowns of people confirmed to have COVID-19 in the county.

Montgomery County Emergency Management Director Rick Whitson said on the sheriff’s Facebook page that everyone hoped it would not happen in their county but probably suspected it might.

“It’s sad to lose anyone in our community. So please, show respect for the family members. Please don’t ask questions that we can’t answer. Just do your part and remember, life is about people and relationships. Love and respect,” Whitson said.

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