Sgt. Dickens receives    commendation Monday

Sgt. Bryce Dickens (center) shows the certificate he received from Police Chief Robert Spinks (left) on Monday evening at the Parsons City Commission meeting. Assistant Chief Dennis Dodd (right), who trains and supervises sergeants, joined the two for the photo. Spinks said he was not in uniform because he had planned to start vacation Monday.


The actions of a Parsons police sergeant in the apprehension of a fleeing felony suspect earned him a commendation from the chief.

Police Chief Robert Spinks awarded Sgt. Bryce Dickens a certificate of commendation on Monday evening at the Parsons City Commission meeting.

At about 4:20 a.m. June 20, Dickens was on patrol when he saw a slow-moving vehicle in a residential neighborhood with its lights off. When Dickens activated his lights, the driver sped off, beginning a chase that weaved through several residential neighborhoods, Spinks said.

When the driver stopped, Dickens found open containers of alcohol.

Along the chase route, the driver allegedly had thrown out a stolen 9 mm handgun along with methamphetamine and prescription pills. The driver was arrested and charged with six felonies and six misdemeanors.

Spinks said the suspect is a “prolific felon” who has been a significant player in the illegal drug trade in Parsons over the last two years.

Dickens was commended for exhibiting extraordinary performance in his duties, Spinks said.

Dickens said two other officers were instrumental in bringing the chase to an end, and Sgt. Waylon Kepley and School Resource Officer Chris Gabbert helped in the investigation of the stolen gun and the drugs.

He called the arrest a good win for the police department and the city that came as a result of team effort.

Spinks said Dickens has been recently promoted to sergeant, so he has a lot of added responsibilities in addition to learning the new job, but he has continued to be the most productive field officer in the department.

Spinks also gave credit to Assistant Chief Dennis Dodd. Dickens reports directly to Dodd, and Dodd trained him as a new sergeant along with three other newly minted sergeants.

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