UPDATE: The original version of this story indicated that a student-athlete at Cherryvale High School tested positive for COVID-19 based on an initial press release. Further reporting has revealed that it is unclear whether it was a student or staff member that tested positive. 


A student-athlete at Cherryvale High School who attended summer weights and conditioning tested positive for COVID-19, forcing USD 447 to close its facilities as it awaits further word from the Montgomery County Health Department.

The student-athlete, according to a press release from USD 447, attended weights on Thursday, June 18 before developing symptoms on Friday, June 19.

Cherryvale High School, like other schools throughout the state, have monitored student-athlete health through precautions such as questionnaires since workouts were allowed to resume at the start of June.

The student-athlete was tested for COVID-19 on Friday in Crawford County and received the news of a positive test on Monday. 

“We’re going to err on the side of safety,” Cherryvale High School Athletic Director Rodney Vigil said. “Our number one objective is the safety of our kids and our patrons. I thought we did a great job as far as our measures everyday.”

According to the press release, there is no evidence of anybody at the school exhibiting symptoms at this time. Summer weights and driver’s education will be suspended until the district can confirm that nobody else became ill.

USD 447 is also encouraging families of student-athletes that attended weights on Thursday to limit the potential spread of the coronavirus by limiting exposure to others and wear a mask. 

The school district is currently coordinating with the Montgomery County Health Department for further guidance.

“This is a precautionary measure and until we get more guidance,” Vigil said.

Cherryvale is the second school district in Montgomery County to shut down its facilities after a student-athlete was exposed to COVID-19 after Caney Valley did so last week.

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