USDA commodity food distribution is planned for Parsons from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Thursday at the former Sutherlands building, 2110 Belmont.

Drive-thru entry is from Corning Avenue. There will be signs and traffic guidance. 

Commodity distributions are provided to those with current incomes at or below 130% of  poverty level.

Items being distributed are USDA quality canned, dry, fresh and frozen items as available.

Eligibility for TEFAP (commodities) is based on income by household and recipients must be Kansas residents. This distribution is for households not accessing TEFAP USDA commodities at the Edna or Chetopa sites.

The income bracket to receive commodities depends on household size and maximum income. For a senior living alone, the maximum income would be $1,354; for two people, $1,832; three, $2,311; four, $2,790; five, $3,269; six, $3,748; seven, $4,227; and eight, $4,705. For each additional family member, $479 is added.

USDA is an equal opportunity provider. As an agency distributing USDA commodities through TEFAP, Labette Assistance Center must follow state guidelines and requirements of the TEFAP program.

Recipients may access TEFAP foods at only one location: Edna, Chetopa or Parsons sites, with varying schedules. Those who qualify but are working or unable to attend during distribution hours may have a proxy (designee) pick up for them.  

Those with incomes higher than these guidelines, yet still needing help, may call for a food pantry appointment at (620) 421-0700.

Recipients on Thursday will have to open their trunks before entering the building. At the first stop, they will show a photo ID. At the second stop, they will receive their food box.

Recipients must not leave vehicle while in the building. Please make sure space is available in your trunk for the food box as volunteers will not reach into vehicles to leave box. Walk-ups, bicycles or scooters will be served in order of arrival with general traffic and directed to a separate area to receive food box rather than proceeding through building.

TEFAP has temporarily waived required recipient signatures. However, records must be maintained for reporting purposes. Please show your photo ID in the driver’s side window at check in.

If picking up for another household (proxy), you must clearly display the printed name, address, number in household and phone number of the recipient on a sheet of paper that can be seen through the driver’s window. Limit of one proxy per person.

If ride sharing, there is a limit of two proxies per vehicle. Service providers with employee photo badge will be allowed to pick up for more than one client at a time if all information is provided upon check-in.

Documents will remain with driver after information is collected.

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