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Crawford County health officials have confirmed Monday that a woman in her 40s died at an area emergency room.

The woman was tested for COVID-19 post-mortem and the test returned positive. This brings the total case count to five for Crawford County. The woman died in the area emergency room on Friday.

Crawford County Health Department Administrator Rebecca Adamson told the Pittsburg Morning Sun that her department has contacted everyone that was in contact with this person and are being quarantined.

The Crawford County Health Department said those who are exhibiting symptoms of fever greater than 100, cough and shortness of breath, have had an exposure to a positive COVID-19 individual or who have questions about testing can call the Crawford County Health Department at 620-231-5411 to be screened to determine if testing for COVID-19 is needed. Those who are tested for COVID-19 will also be tested for influenza A and B as well as strep throat. The health department can perform the influenza and strep throat testing on site and is able to collect the sample for COVID-19 and ship it to an outside laboratory.

The overwhelming opinion of medical professionals across the country is that citizens must all do their part to help reduce the spread of this virus. Even though many will only experience mild symptoms, the higher risk/elderly population and those with underlying health issues could experience more severe symptoms.

In an effort to reduce the spread of COVID 19 it is recommended that everyone travel as little as possible, utilize social distancing (remain 6 feet apart), use frequent hand hygiene, cough or sneeze into your sleeve, work from home if possible and stay home from work if you are ill.

Because of the need to make an effort to keep medical professionals safe and healthy, it is strongly recommended that anyone exhibiting these symptoms to first call their clinic or doctor’s office so they can provide instructions on what time to arrive and whether or not they should come inside. Many times the medical provider will come to the patient’s vehicle to assess them. Following these  procedures helps ensure you don’t inadvertently expose other patients or the medical staff.

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