Moran Visit

U.S. Sen. Jerry Moran (left) visited Cytocheck Laboratory on Monday. Jason Dantic, director of marketing for Cytocheck, led the senator on a tour of the lab, which processes COVID-19 tests and offers other pathology services for medical facilities. 

U.S. Sen. Jerry Moran toured Cytocheck Laboratory on Monday to learn about its contributions to the community throughout the pandemic.

Cytocheck, located at 1201 Corporate Drive in Industrial Park No. 1, has been processing COVID-19 tests for hospitals and providers during the pandemic. 

“Numbers are way down, obviously, from where we were,” said Cytocheck marketing director Jason Dantic. “We were doing 1,500 a day or 2,000 a day here or there. Now, for the week I think we’ve done 1,200 or something like that.”

Moran expressed his pride in the lab’s efforts. 

“It has played a significant role in the safety and well-being of Kansans and Americans during COVID,” Moran said. “It’s pleasing to me that it’s in Parsons, Kansas. It demonstrates that we can have businesses here to attract people with the capabilities to be a lab technician, to be a physician.”

With the severity of the pandemic decreasing in recent weeks, Cytocheck is adjusting into its pre-COVID rate of work and services provided. Moran maintains that this does not diminish the value of the lab to the community and the state.

“We’re hoping that the pandemic is behind us and this business will go back a bit to what it was before COVID-19,” Moran said, “but everything I learned here today is that there’s sufficient business and opportunities for this laboratory to continue to grow and employ people in this part of the country.”

Cytocheck was established in Parsons in 1991. In addition to processing COVID test results, the lab offers Pap smear screening, molecular pathology, tissue pathology and other services.

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