An Altamont man accused of beating and threatening his grandmother was ordered to stand trial on the charges.

Linden M. Hill, born in 1997, is charged in Labette County District Court with mistreatment of a dependent adult, a mid-level felony, aggravated assault, a lower-level felony, and criminal restraint and domestic battery, both misdemeanors.

The charges relate to an incident from December 2019.

Hill’s grandmother, 83 at the time, testified at a recent preliminary hearing that her grandson became upset when she would not let him take her car to shop in Joplin. The two spoke over the phone because she was on her way home at the time. The weather was bad and she had a concern about him driving in it. He was upset because he thought he should be able to take her keys and go, she testified. 

When she got home, she eventually went to bed holding her car keys, but she realized while sitting on her bed that she forgot to take her nighttime medicine, so she walked to the kitchen. Hill was in the hallway and would not let her pass. She put her hands on his chest to try to get past him and he grabbed her arm and threw her down on the couch.

Hill was carrying a small crowbar around and put holes in the walls of the house. She said he never threatened to hit her with it, but he was carrying it when the confrontation happened. 

She testified while she was on the couch Hill held her face and head-butted her several times. Hill’s girlfriend was sitting nearby and didn’t intervene, according to testimony.

“I thought this has got to stop,” she said about the head-butting. Hill had her knees locked in so she couldn’t move, so she acted like she passed out to make the violence stop. Hill told his girlfriend that his grandmother was faking it, she testified.

Hill’s girlfriend kept patting the grandmother’s face to get her to wake up. Hill told his girlfriend to get the blood pressure cuff to check her blood pressure. As the girlfriend was walking to the kitchen, Hill threw a piece of furniture toward her, which hit her in the back of the legs. 

Eventually, Hill took his grandmother to the hospital. She testified she never told hospital staff how she got her injuries. The next day she reported the incident to police when Hill’s sister arrived to visit her grandmother.

After testimony, Judge Steve Stockard ordered Hill to stand trial on the charges. Arraignment will be May 21.

This is the second time Hill has been charged with a felony for battering his grandmother. The first was in 2016. He pled to three counts of domestic battery in that case and received probation.


In other cases:

— Damion L.G. Williams, 30, 50 Michael Drive, was ordered to stand trial for possession of methamphetamine, a felony, possession of ecstasy, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia, all misdemeanors. The charges relate to a search of a home he was staying in at 1321 Chess on Aug. 24, 2020, when police conducted a search of the home. Leah Gant was at the home, and she and Williams were not to be around each other by court order. Police found the drugs in Williams’ bedroom. Gant told police the drugs were hers. Police also found a man hiding under the bed, Bobby Duhart, who was wanted on a warrant. Williams will be arraigned on May 21.

— Steven W. Marshall, 69, Parsons, pleaded guilty Wednesday to criminal threat, a lower-level felony. A second charge of aggravated assault will be dismissed at sentencing, which will be June 18. The complaint and a statement of facts at his plea hearing alleged that on June 26, 2020, Marshall threatened to shoot someone during a confrontation. While he did not have a gun with him, an unloaded gun was inside his home.

— Chad T. Williams, born in 1985, received 30 months in prison for possession of methamphetamine. The prison term was suspended and he received probation through community corrections for 18 months so he can complete a drug treatment program.

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